How to Prevent Freight Damage?

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Sellers and shippers have a lot of things to think about. They have to consider what clients will want. On the other hand, they also have to consider the freight costs. However, there is another thing that they really have to think about. This is freight damage.  

Assuming that it isn’t the result of a manmade or natural disaster, proper packaging and packing can help prevent freight Moncton damage.  

Here are a couple of ways to prevent freight damage: 

Labels Lower Possibilities for Error in Wrapping and Stacking 

Oftentimes, labels are overlooked. For those who don’t know, during the shipping process, labels help shippers make pallet-packing choices. It’s impossible to identify the durability or fragility of a product from the name or brand of the seller as the world has grown more interconnected. Thus, a label needs to show the ability of the content to withstand extra weight. This might include the amount of weight the package or box can withstand before being crushed.  

In addition to that, you need to recognize easily the labels. To make things simple, you should not utilize multiple labels unless needed by the carrier. Mislabeled packages need to have the incorrect label clearly marked out or removed. In addition to that, the right label should be free of stains.  

Stacking Packages Must Evenly Distribute Weight on Pallets 

If the weight of the content isn’t evenly distributed, pallets do little good to avoid damage. You have to stack packages as closely together as possible. Also, you have to avoid empty holes from mismatched package shapes. Basically, each layer of stacking must contain packages of the same dimensions. In addition to that, in packing a pallet, a sheet of supportive material, such as cardboard, must be utilized in 3-layer increments. This will help to appropriately distribute weight. Also, you have to consider extra factors to guarantee freight damage doesn’t happen.  

Impact Protection Lowers Risk for Fragile Items 

Each package must include some type of impact protection. However, impact protection can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful shipment for packages that are made of glass or fragile materials. For these items, you can utilize envelopes lined with bubble wrap. This can offer additional cushioning. But, the exterior side of the package will probably be soft. Thus, it might be an excellent idea to offer an additional layer of packaging.  

Pack Them Properly 

A couple of shipments can be considered a risk. For instance, liquids can spill to other shipments. Heavy items can fall onto other packages. These problems mean each package must be sealed properly to avoid spillage of products. For instance, a damaged bottle of ethanol can become a fire hazard and damage other items on the pallet. If this is the case, waterproof envelopes or poly bags should be utilized to avoid additional damage. Unluckily, this does not do a lot to avoid damage from happening within a single package. That’s why you have to combine all of these things to completely protect your package.  

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